Learning Outcomes: LL.M. Program

Syracuse University College of Law LL.M. students will develop deep and broad knowledge of US legal doctrine, common law, statutory interpretation, and legal writing and research:

• Graduates will demonstrate a basic understanding in the courses that are required of all LL.M. students.
• Graduates will demonstrate a basic understanding of the theories, historical development, and application of common law legal systems. 

• Graduates will identify the key facts, issues, reasoning, holdings, assumptions, and policies that underlie judicial decisions and independently critique them.
• Graduates will determine the applicable legal rules from multiple sources of law and seek to reconcile any competing principles.
• Graduates will reflect on the legal principles and processes of diverse legal systems and cultures.

• Graduates will find governing law and relevant secondary sources.
• Graduates will be professional in their interactions.
• Graduates will write accurate and well-organized law-related documents.