Orange Edge

Get the Orange Edge and Ease into Law School!

We understand that as a newly admitted law student you may have a lot of questions about your first year of law school. That’s why we created Orange Edge, a program specifically designed to help you prepare for your first semester.

The Orange Edge Impact

  • Provides a rigorous introduction to the first year law school experience.
  • Develops your legal reasoning and writing skills to help you assess and improve your writing competency.
  • Teaches study skills and strategies for your first year.
  • Exposes you to the Socratic method.
  • Gives you a head start in networking with your professors, peers and the Syracuse Law community.

Orange Edge Overview

  • LAW SCHOOL SUCCESS: Students will be introduced to various members of the staff and faculty at the College of Law who will be important points of contact for students going forward. 
  • LAW AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM: Daily classes will be conducted by faculty and staff of the Office of Student Life using a set of cases and materials developed for the Orange Edge Program. The classes will analyze the structure and function of the United States legal system and both the common law method and statutory lawmaking. Using a series of cases from the first year curriculum, students will be exposed to the rigorous study of law. All students will learn to read and brief cases, extrapolate rules of law from their readings and apply those rules to new fact patterns.
  • LEGAL WRITING WORKSHOP: Daily classes will be taught by a Legal Writing Professor culminating with students preparing an Office Memorandum.
  • SMALL STUDY GROUP SESSIONS: Teaching Assistants will lead sessions daily to debrief the day’s material, work on assignments, and answer students’ questions in an informal setting. The Teaching Assistants will also present on study skills such as class preparation, note taking, outlines, flowcharts and exam preparation.

Monday, July 31, 2023 – Friday, August 11, 2023

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Orange Edge 2023 Participant Information

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