SU Law Alumni Association

All College of Law graduates are automatically members of SULAA, and they are welcome—as are current students (“future alumni”)—to participate in its activities. 

SULAA proudly serves the College’s more than 11,000 members by hosting and supporting a wide range of professional and social events and by offering a networking and fellowship connection between the College, its graduates, and its students. It also offers support and advice to the College of Law leadership team on matters such as recruitment and career services. 

SULAA co-sponsors networking events in areas where Syracuse alumni tend to be concentrated—such as Syracuse, New York City, Washington, DC, and Southern California—and it continues to expand into other areas to connect growing alumni communities in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Boston, Northern California, and Florida. 

To provide a professional resource to both alumni and current law students, SULAA wants to ensure that its members get connected and stay connected—and there are various ways to do so:

If you are interested in becoming more active in SULAA or helping to organize an event in your area, email

If you are not receiving alumni correspondence, you may update your contact information by sending an email to or by calling the Office of Advancement at 315.443.1964.