March 21-23, 2005

The National Military Trial Competition (NMTC), hosted by Syracuse University College of Law introduces law students with an interest in Military Justice and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps to the trial process in military courts. The competition will take place in person in Syracuse, NY on March 21st -23rd, 2025.

  • NMTC will feature eight to 12 teams competing against each other in a case involving a military court martial.
  • The case will be tried using the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the Rules for Courts-Martial (RCM) applicable to military courts.
  • Teams try both sides of the case, meaning they will act as both a Trial Counsel (Prosecutor) and Trial Defense Service (TDS) attorney. 
  • Teams are guaranteed four rounds of competition. Each round of the competition may be judged by current or former Military Trial Judges

Because trying cases in a military court may be unfamiliar to students and coaches, immediately before the release of the fact pattern, Syracuse University College of Law will facilitate a virtual non-mandatory introductory training for trying cases in military courts. While teams can choose their coach, if teams are interested in working with current or former JAG officers, Syracuse Law will connect teams to JAG officers willing to coach and assist. The competition will provide law students with additional opportunities to meet and learn about a career in the JAG Corps from military lawyers.

Teams will be notified of acceptance on a rolling basis, with strong preference given to the order in which teams apply. The registration fee will be $1000.00.

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The competition will also host representatives from the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate Recruiting Office (JARO) who will be available to meet with students and share information about opportunities in the JAG Corps.  More information about careers as a Judge Advocate can be found here.