Cost of Attendance: On-Campus J.D. Program

Listed below are estimated costs for the 2024-2025 academic year. Tuition and fees are directly billed. Personal expenses such as books, housing, and meals vary from student to student.

On-Campus J.D. ProgramLL.M. for International Lawyers
(2 Semester)
$62,220 (Rate of $31,110 per semester)
(Rate of $31,110 per semester)
Health & Wellness Fee$872$872
Activity Fee$45$45
Law Student Resource Fee$1,280$1,280
Fixed Cost Total$64,417$64,417
On-Campus J.D. ProgramLL.M. for International Lawyers
(2 Semester)
Health Insurance$0$2,474
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, & Equipment$2,110$2,110
(9 month)
(9 month)
Personal Allowance$2,327$2,327
Federal Loan Fees (if applicable)$1,622$0
Indirect Cost Total$23,445$24,627

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Tuition may be reduced by any merit scholarship you receive which is referenced in your admission letter.
  • Indirect costs are estimated based on average books and supplies, living and other personal expenses and vary from student to student.
  • The cost of the NYS Bar Exam fee is included as part of the cost of attendance for students in their semester of graduation. Students taking a bar exam in a different jurisdiction may document the cost with the financial aid office.
  • LL.M. Students
    • Your mandatory health insurance will be charged to your Student Account by the University Bursar. This mandatory fee may be waived if a student has adequate health insurance coverage. Learn more.
    • Payment for tuition and fees is due during the first half of each semester you are enrolled. Failure to pay may result in late fees and/or a hold on your account preventing you from registering for courses. Students bringing dependents should anticipate an additional cost of approximately $12,300 for the first dependent and approximately $7,000 per each additional dependent.
    • If you choose to complete the LL.M. Program in 3 semesters (taking 11 or fewer credits per semester) instead of the typical 2 semester course load, you will be charged a per-credit hour rate of $2,234 in addition to the standard fixed costs of the program.
  • See the Syracuse University Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin for more information.

Special Circumstances

If you have educational, living or personal expenses that differ from the standard amounts listed in the cost of attendance (ex: childcare expenses), please contact us at or call 315.443.1962. We are happy to discuss the circumstances and assist students in calculating a reasonable budget.