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Business Insider quotes Professor Arlene Kanter’s blog post on how work-from-home initiatives positively impacted the disabled workforce

Professor Arlene Kanter‘s blog post on how work-from-home initiatives positively impacted the disabled workforce is quoted in this Business Insider article.

“Remote work offers disabled employees the chance to work, but in their own homes, which provides greater flexibility, accessibility, savings in commuting time and expenses, and even privacy that may be needed to address medical issues that cannot be addressed in the workplace,” writes Kanter.

Professor Nina Kohn Discusses Changes Needed in the Guardianship System

In this ABC 7 news story, Professor Nina Kohn discusses significant issues in the adult guardianship system across the U.S. and proposed changes to adult guardianship laws.

“It’s far too easy to appoint guardians for people and it’s far too easy to give those guardians much broader powers than they actually need to protect the individual,” she said.

Kohn said legislators have not made guardianship reform a priority.

“You just have to think that these people are worth it and the reality is that legislatures have not treated these people as worth it,” she said.

Professor of Law Emeritus William C. Banks Discusses Domestic Terrorism on the Second Anniversary of the January 6th Riots

Professor of Law Emeritus William C. Banks discussed the state of domestic terrorism on the second anniversary of the January 6th Riots.

In part, Banks says, “The good news, I think, is that we just had a very important election in the Fall of 2022 and it went off without a hitch. The bad news is that election deniers and those who would interfere with the lawful transfer of power and try to undermine the government in the United States, they’re still there.”

Watch the story here.

Professor Todd Berger Speaks with Automotive News About Alford Pleas

Professor Todd Berger recently spoke with Automotive News regarding a felony grand larceny and forgery case against a former Fuccillo Automotive Group executive in Jefferson County, NY. Berger explained what an Alford plea is, which was reached in this case.

Berger explains, “Under an Alford plea, a defendant officially declares themselves to be not guilty while pleading guilty. The prosecution must present some evidence supporting its case before the judge can accept such a plea.”

The full article can be found here (a subscription is required.)

Professor Gregory Germain Discusses Secured Credit Cards with WalletHub

Professor Gregory Germain, director of the Bankruptcy Clinic, recently spoke with WalletHub on the topic of secured credit cards and what consumers need to know about this financial product.

Germain explains, “The purpose of a secured credit card is to simulate a credit card in the hope that the credit rating agencies will not notice that, in fact, you do not have any credit. Does it work to fool the rating agencies into believing you have credit? I doubt it, at least not very much.”

Professor Nina Kohn Discusses the New York State Adult Survivors Act

The New York State Adult Survivors Act allows people who were the victims of sex crimes to file lawsuits against their abusers and any institutions that perpetuated abuse that occurred in New York state regardless of when it occurred. The one-year window to file lawsuits started on Nov. 24.

In this article, Professor Nina Kohn notes that since survivors only have a year to file a lawsuit, they should start searching for an attorney now. “It is a ‘hurry up and wait. It can take a while for individuals to find an attorney, who is both willing to bring the case and has the necessary skill set and experience to do so,” says Kohn.

Professor Nina Kohn, a white woman with brown shoulder-length hair, wearing a black blazer over a tan sweater, with gold necklaces and earrings, smiles in front of a window. She is holding a dark blue book.

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer David Cay Johnston discusses NYAG Letitia James’ lawsuit against former president Donald Trump with Anderson Cooper 

David Cay Johnston, a white man with short gray hair and gray beard, wearing a black suit jacket over a blue collared shirt, with a gray tie and thin, rectangular glasses, smiles.

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer David Cay Johnston was on the Anderson Cooper 360 podcast discussing New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit against former president Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Johnston confirmed that the accusation in the lawsuit “lines up perfectly” with the former President’s actions throughout his life. The segment on the lawsuit starts at 17:44 and Johnston weighs in starting at 18:40.