Nationally Acclaimed Advocacy Skills Training

Repeatedly honored as the state’s best trial-skills law school by the New York State Bar Association, our Advocacy Program has a strong track record of exceptional results when competing against other law schools.

At Syracuse Law, we empower our students with practical skills to prepare them for impactful careers as legal advocates. Our curriculum encompasses comprehensive training in vital legal skills, including research, writing, oral argumentation, and courtroom procedures.

Mock trails and competitions, along with experiential learning opportunities, provide students with experience and confidence to navigate legal proceedings. Beyond refining your legal skills, these experiences serve as a gateway to a thriving professional network that can influence your future. You will also have invaluable opportunities to connect with accomplished alumni, providing unique insights, mentorship possibilities, and potential avenues for internships or job placements.

Join our distinguished Advocacy Program, which will not only shape your academic journey, but also prepare you for a rewarding and impactful legal career.

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Advocacy Curriculum

Explore our advocacy curriculum, crafted to equip students with practical skills essential for success in legal practice. See the courses you’ll take to elevate your skills, ranging from trial and appellate practice to alternative dispute resolution.

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Advocacy Competitions

We participate in many inter- and intracollegiate advocacy competitions each academic year. These competitions, supported by the student-run Travis H.D. Lewin Advocacy Honor Society (AHS), teach advocacy skills through mock appellate, alternative dispute resolution, and trial experiences.

While many competitions require students to be physically present where the competition is held, Syracuse is building upon its online education expertise by developing virtual competition opportunities.

Advocacy Honor Society Intracollegiate Competitions Hosted Intercollegiate Competitions

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Joint Degree: J.D. and LL.M. in Advocacy and Litigation

This innovative program empowers full-time, on-campus students to earn both their J.D. and LL.M. in just three years without any additional cost beyond that of the J.D. Whether you’re an incoming student or a current 1L, seize this opportunity to gain a distinct advantage in the world of litigation and advocacy with credentials that previously have been available only after completing the J.D.

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Advocacy Coaching

Experienced practitioners, judges and litigation experts, many of whom are a part of the Powerful Orange Law Alumni Network, coach our highly competitive intercollegiate advocacy teams. Collectively, our Advocacy Fellows bring with them decades of experience in practice and coaching students in advocacy competitions. 

Advocacy Fellows