Giving Back & Volunteering

Financial Gifts

Whether you are a loyal annual contributor, or you are thinking about making your first donation to the College of Law, your support matters. Check out some of the different options for how and where to donate. Alumni giving helps ensure strength for our cutting-edge programs, institutes and centers, and facilities, as well as our scholarship and financial aid programs, ensuring that the next generation of Orange lawyers will have access to a first-class legal education.

Give a Financial Gift

scott boylan in a suit and glasses speaking to a colleague in the courtroom

“I have a real connection with this place – I met my wife here, and I think it set me up very well for my career. Whether it is helping the students learn weird areas of the law, where I practice, or simply playing a role in helping them find jobs – I like to be helpful to the extent that I can through a place that means a lot to me.”

Scott Boylan L’85, Partner, StoneTurn

Volunteer Opportunities

Hire graduates, host externs, guest lecture, mentor, host class reunions, coach and judge advocacy teams – and more! Every way you contribute makes a difference for our students, creating both personal and professional bonds among generations of Orange lawyers.

Volunteer with Syracuse Law

colleen gibbons in purple suit jacket smiling in the hallway of the law school

“Syracuse gave me a lot. I came here on a scholarship and was involved in so many different organizations. One of the things that really stood out to me was the way that alumni gave back. The jobs that I’ve gotten post-graduation have all been through connecting with previous law alums. So I think it’s really important to give those opportunities to students and to be a connection for them. I give back because so much was given to me from not just the college itself, but from other alumni. I just try to continue that pattern and model my actions after those that came before me.”

Colleen Gibbons L’17, Deputy Director, Upstate Office, Center for Court Innovation

Law Firm Giving Challenge

Show your support for your alma mater—and engage in a bit of friendly competition. We created the Law Firm Giving Challenge to help establish a tradition of philanthropy among alumni and to leave a legacy for future students. 

See Challenge Information

Judge Dancks speaking on a panel with two other women, talking with glasses on and her hand on her chest in a gesture while speaking

“I love students. I love working with them and I love to learn from them. I get energy from the younger students who aren’t jaded yet in the law and it reminds me of why I got into the practice of law. I also feel like if I can help them do better in their career and they can see what I’ve done in my career, the better we all do. It enhances our law degree and it improves its value in how well Syracuse Law grads are respected in the legal community. I grew up in Syracuse and spent my whole life here. I love this University and it makes me proud to go to school in a place where I grew up and that the school is doing so well.”

The Hon. Thérèse Wiley Dancks L’91, Federal Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court Northern District