Cost of Attendance: JDinteractive

Listed below are estimated costs for first year Online Hybrid J.D. (JDinteractive) students for the 2023-2024 academic year. Tuition and fees are directly billed. Personal expenses such as books, housing, and meals vary from student to student. The housing price is based on cost of living estimates for the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters as students are not on campus.

(22 credits over first 2
Residency Fee$775 (Syracuse-based Residencies 1 & 2. See Breakdown of Expenses for cost of Residencies later in the program.)
Activity Fee$30
Fixed Cost Total$48,105
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, & Equipment$1,652
(9 month)
(9 month)
Personal Allowance$2,244
Federal Loan Origination Fee$216
Indirect Cost Total$21,098

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Tuition for students enrolled in the JDi program is charged on a per-credit-hour basis. The tuition rate for fall 2023 and spring and summer 2024 is $2,150 per credit. Below is a sample breakdown of credit hours for a typical JDi student who plans to graduate in 10 semesters (adding up to a total of 87 credit hours for graduation). More details can be found on the JDi Sample Course Schedule (variable per student):
    • Year 1 Fall: 11 credits (pre-determined)
    • Year 1 Spring: 11 credits (pre-determined)
    • Year 1 Summer: 8 credits (pre-determined)
    • Year 2 Fall: 6 credits (pre-determined)
    • Year 2 Spring: 6-11 credits (variable)
    • Year 2 Summer: 6-11 credits (variable)
    • Year 3 Fall: 6-11 credits (variable)
    • Year 3 Spring: 6-11 credits (variable)
    • Year 3 Summer: 6-11 credits (variable)
    • Year 4 Fall: 6-11 credits (variable)
  • Residency fees are a requirement of JDi program, covering classroom costs, speakers and events, some meals, and other miscellaneous expenses. You are responsible for your transportation to and from the Residency, in addition to your lodging. This pricing is not included in the table above. The two required Residencies for your first semesters are listed above as $775. For the other four Residencies you will need to complete, estimated charges are $155/credit for an On-Campus Residency, $240/credit for an Off-Site Domestic Residency and $1,000 – $2,700 total for an International Residency.
  • For figures 4 – 9, please take into account your actual and expected expenses for the fall and spring semesters which span from mid-August 2023 through the first week of May 2024. These estimates are provided to guide in the development of a cost-of-living budget and in total, should not exceed the maximum cost of attendance.
  • Additional expenses may be considered by the College of Law Financial Aid Office with proper documentation. Examples of allowable types of expenses include the one-time cost of purchasing a computer for the program or childcare expenses. Expenses NOT allowed in the educational budget include consumer debt (ex: credit card payments), the purchase or upkeep of your automobile, costs associated with finding employment (interview expenses, clothing), and expenses incurred during periods of non-enrollment.
  • See the Syracuse University Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin for more information.

Special Circumstances

We understand that every student’s financial situation is unique. The Financial Aid office will work with you if you have educational expenses that are different from the standard amounts listed in the cost of attendance (ex: childcare expenses). Please contact us at or call 315.443.1962 for help on calculating a reasonable budget and keeping your student loan debt manageable.