Disability Law Society

We are an organization of Syracuse University College of Law students who are working to create and support a positive climate toward disability that values individual difference. We are the sister organization of the Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee (BCCC), a group created by graduate students in the School of Education interested in pursuing a career in disability law or a related field.


  • To raise awareness about disability within the College of Law and greater Syracuse University community.
  • To support students who have disabilities; who are interested in pursuing a joint degree related to disability studies.
  • To provide information and assistance to students, faculty and staff members in the COL and SU community regarding disability.
  • To provide COL students the opportunity to volunteer in the disability community of the local Syracuse community.

We address these goals by providing:

  • A forum for students at Syracuse University concerned about disability on campus to meet and discuss issues and ideas.
  • Support for students to increase their own knowledge around disability, with the intent of sharing what they learn with others in the SU community.
  • Support for programs, speakers, and other activities that advance the awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities at SU.
  • Opportunities for students to engage in advocacy, education, and support on disability-related issues.


Our organization is open to any College of Law student, faculty or staff member with an interest in disability law. 


The officers will be nominated by the current student membership and elected by majority vote at the beginning of each fall semester and serve for one year. 


Our faculty advisors are Arlene Kanter, Professor and Director of the Disability Law and Policy Program, and Michael Schwartz, Professor and Director of the Disability Rights Clinic

Meeting Protocol

All members will have the power to suggest meeting agenda items (via our listserv). Members who cannot attend meetings will still be involved through participation on our listserv.

Members agree on the following procedures:

  • All members have a right to be heard. When one member has the floor, others listen without interrupting or carrying on side conversation.
  • All materials will be made available in alternative formats to accommodate those who cannot access print (or audio) media.
  • Those who cannot attend meetings can express their ideas via our listserv. Their ideas and opinions carry as much weight as do those of members physically present at the meetings.

About the Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee (BCCCC)

The Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee (BCCC) is an organization consisting of Syracuse University students who are working to create and support a positive climate toward disability that values individual difference in all University settings. The BCCC takes an active role in advocating for changes in University policy and practice.