The Syracuse Civics Initiative (SCI) envisions a collaborative space for innovative investment in civics education for young people.

Middle and high-school students are growing up in a political environment characterized by cynicism, partisanship, and dissatisfaction, an attitude that encourages distrust in democratic institutions and discourages civic participation. Fortunately, the momentum to address these issues at the national, state, and local level is growing.

By using available Syracuse University resources and building connections between local school districts and organizations that support civics education, SCI is assisting efforts to educate students about their fundamental rights and instill in them the civic responsibilities that accompany those rights.

To this end, the Initiative will support and augment existing civic engagement efforts, build bridges between funding sources and under-resourced Upstate New York schools, and leverage the expertise and energy at the University to enhance local efforts.

People & Partners

Faculty Co-Directors

Student Fellows & Alumni

  • Mariah Almonte
  • Katherine Brisson
  • Taylor Carter-Disanto
  • Briana Clayton
  • Marina De Rosa
  • Brian Gunderson
  • Roland Lucas
  • Matthew Wallace

Community Partners & Affiliates

*Gouldin and Wolf Price have been members of the Justice for All’s Advisory Group of the Civic Education Committee since December 2018. Professor Suzette Meléndez attended Justice for All Annual Convention in October 2019.

Diversity Law Day, 2019.