Early Decision FAQs

What is the binding Early Decision Program?

The Early Decision Program at Syracuse College is an expedited process in which the Admissions Committee agrees to review your application earlier in the cycle and provide a decision no later than February 1st. If you are admitted, we require that you commit to enrolling at Syracuse College of Law and that you immediately withdraw all applications at other law schools. Early Decision is only available to applicants applying for the 3-year residential J.D. program and the JD Interactive Program. Applicants applying as a 3+3 particpant, applying for re-admissions after academic dismissal, or applying as a transfer or visiting student, are not eligible for Early Decision.

Is admissions through early decision binding?

Yes. If you are admitted as Early Decision, you must commit to matriculating at Syracuse College of Law, and pay your first seat deposit by March 1st. Full seat deposit information will be included in your admissions materials. Please note that, as an admitted Early Decision candidate, you will likely be asked to confirm your intent to enroll at Syracuse Law before you receive your financial aid award.

How do I indicate that I want to apply Early Decision?

Early Decision applicants will have a separate application. You will complete the application through LSAC.org. Please be sure to read the Early Decision Guidelines located in the instructions portion of the application.

When is the Early Decision Deadline?

The Early Decision application must be completed by January 15 via LSAC.org. This deadline allows for applicants to take the October or November LSAT exam. Applicants who do not have a complete application by this date may be considered for regular decision.

May I change my mind after choosing Early Decision or Regular Decision?

Yes, you can switch from Early Decision to Regular Decision (or from Regular Decision to Early Decision), if you inform us before a decision has been reached. If you have already submitted your Early Decision application and want to be considered as a Regular Applicant you must contact the Admissions Office and ask us to switch your application. If you are switching from Regular to Early Decision, we will ask you to complete the Early Decision application.

When will I receive my decision?

We will send out decisions for Early Decision applicants by February 1st. Early Decision applicants are either accepted, denied, or waitlisted for further review in the Regular Decision process. If your application is waitlisted and you are offered admission through the Regular Decision process, your offer will no longer be binding. Decisions will be sent by email.

Do Early Decision candidates receive an advantage in the admissions process?

By applying Early Decision, an applicant is clearly indicating that Syracuse University College of Law is their first choice, and the Admissions Committee will note your enthusiasm and desire to attend through the admissions process. However, applying Early Decision will not overcome any significant weaknesses in an application and Early Decision candidates are evaluated based upon the same criteria as Regular Decision candidates.

Do Early Decision candidates receive financial aid?

Applicants admitted through the Binding Early Decision option are eligible for financial aid (both merit- and need-based) just like applicants admitted through the Regular option. Successful applicants admitted through the Early Decision Program will automatically be considered for merit scholarships. Applicants will be notified of awards in their admission email.