We created the 3-semester track to allow our LL.M. students to take a reduced course load over a longer period of time. The academic requirements and admissions standards of the LL.M. degree are the same for all LL.M. students in either track. 

Yes. LL.M. students can still complete the program over the 2 semesters. To do this, students should enroll in a minimum of 12 credits each semester and complete the degree requirements by the end of the second semester.  

Ideal students for the 3-semester track are those who desire a reduced course load over a longer period of time. The 3-semester track is recommended for:

  • Students who anticipate English language challenges during their law studies;
  • Students who desire to spend more time in the United States while pursuing their law studies;
  • Students who plan to take the New York State Bar Examination.

**Sponsored students should check with their funding sponsors to confirm whether they can pursue the 3-semester option given the increased cost implications.**

Students may decide which track to pursue before arrival or during the first semester of the LL.M. program.  Academic advising is available to help students determine which option is best for them. 

Students can complete the 3-semester track over a 12-month period that includes two academic semesters (fall and spring) and one summer term. Or, students can complete the 3-semester track over an 18-month period that includes three academic semesters without taking courses over the summer term.

Students pursing the 2-semester track who are enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester will be charged a flat rate amount per semester. These students should anticipate paying LL.M. tuition in two (2) equal amounts over two semesters. Living expenses should be calculated over two semesters of study.

Students pursing the 3-semester track who are enrolled in less than 12 credits per semester will be charged per credit. These students should anticipate additional costs based on the slightly higher cost of tuition per credit and the additional living expenses needed during the third semester of study.

View the Cost of Attendance (found on the LL.M. Admissions & Program Information website) to plan. Student may spread payments out over monthly installments by submitting the Monthly Payment Plan application to the Bursar’s Office.

​*U.S. visa and Syracuse University rules permit international students in their final term of study to enroll in only that number of credits necessary to complete the minimum requirements of the degree. This allows students the option of enrolling in less than nine credits in the final term. 

Your scholarship will be applied to your tuition as a percentage. This amount will be calculated at the beginning of each semester, and is determined by the number of credits for which you register each semester. For example, if you obtained a fifty-percent (50%) scholarship you would receive a discount on tuition valued at 50% of the amount you are charged each semester. Please review the most recent LL.M. Cost of Attendance found in your LL.M. Admission Packet to plan your anticipated costs.

All incoming international LL.M. students will receive student visa documents (I-20s or DS-2019s) and admission letters that show program dates for our “traditional” 2-semester track.

LL.M. students seeking to pursue the extended 3-semester track may apply to extend their visa with the Center for International Services after their arrival to Syracuse University.  This is a simple process at no cost to the student.

Syracuse University and its health insurance partner, AETNA, require students to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits per semester in order to be eligible for SHIP. Enrolling in less than 9 credits in a semester renders a student ineligible for enrollment in SHIP. 

After you arrive at campus, you must meet with the Office of International Programs advising staff to confirm your desire to pursue the LL.M. degree over 3 semesters.  During the meeting, staff will go over our 3-Semester Student Checklist to confirm all of the steps you must take to extend your studies to a third semester.