Assistant General Counsel within the Department of Defense

headshot of meghan steenburgh, smiling at the camera in a gray suit jacket and pink blouse in front of a gray background

Many Paths, One Destination

Syracuse University College of Law JDi was the only program of its kind involving a university with a stellar reputation. The unique program allowed me to continue to be present with my kids, help my parents and attend law school while providing the flexibility to move across the nation and live in three different states; the Syracuse University College of Law name provided legitimacy and access.

Making Dreams and Plans Come True

I dreamt of going to law school for about 30 years. My dad was an attorney, and it was always in the back of my mind; however, other opportunities presented themselves so the dream just stayed there—in the back of my mind. When the opportunity was ripe, this program allowed that dream to come true.

Next Stop: Many Destinations

I am currently an assistant general counsel in the Office of the General Counsel for an agency within the Department of Defense. I so enjoy national security lawyering that I cannot express my excitement and love for lawyering in words. The strength of College of Law professors (with an extra dose of gratitude for my National Security professor, Judge Jamie Baker) enabled me to conduct impactful legal reviews from day one.

The Importance of the Residencies

My favorite time during JDi was during a residency when I was staying up late working on a project in the law library and my study buddy was with me, entertaining herself as I worked. We left at probably three in the morning and there was a snowstorm. We were crossing campus and were just silly kids in the storm heading back to the hotel from the library knowing we had a presentation to make in just a few hours. I think that the beauty of this program is that you create such strong connections, and you have these moments and memories that mean so much. It has nothing to do with the law but everything to do with this program.