Patent Attorney, Cooley LLP

Ramsey Hilton headshot, smiling at the camera and wearing a plaid shirt

Many Paths, One Destination

The main reasons for me were flexibility and convenience. Going into the program, I was working full-time as a patent agent at a law firm, which already had a demanding workload. Adding coursework to that is intimidating, and I was starting to question whether there were enough hours in a week to get everything done. On top of that, in a traditional night school setting a lot of time is lost commuting from work to school and then back home, settling into class when you arrive, all of which can cost you a couple of hours each week. While in the JDi setting, we log in and get down to business right away. As a working professional, this was exactly the efficiency I needed in a law school program.

Making Dreams and Plans Come True

All my previous education and professional experiences were in engineering. I was working as a pipeline engineer until 2018 when a legal recruiter contacted me and asked if I ever thought of working in patent law for a law firm. It had never crossed my mind but was open to it. While I was not required to go to law school to work at the firm, earning my law degree is definitely an advantage in my career.

Allowing for Growth and Impact

Having a law degree and having passed the bar exam significantly broadens the scope of what I can do professionally. While being a patent agent is a great career, the scope of the matters I can advise on and the scope of my practice grows significantly now that I am a patent attorney.

Next Stop: Many Destinations

After graduating and passing the Massachusetts bar exam, I transitioned from being a patent agent to a patent attorney at Cooley LLP in their Boston office.

The Importance of the Residencies

Our class had a bit of an unusual situation. For our first residency in August 2020, we had to meet remotely due to COVID restrictions. Our second residency in August 2021 was our first time meeting in person for most of us. We knew each other from an academic setting quite well, but did not know each other personally. At the second residency, I finally got some good face time with some of my classmates and really developed a great kinship with these folks. I’ve gone through three different degree programs at three different universities, and the kinship I have with the folks I met during the JDi program is the best level of connectivity I’ve had with a cohort. It’s ironic because it’s a program that is a majority online. That second residency was a great week where we got a lot done academically and had a great time with our colleagues.