Alumni Gather and Network in Denver, CO

Our Denver-based alumni came together for a networking event at the Wynkoop Brewing Company in January of 2024. Online JDinteractive students in town for an Arbitration Residency also joined in on the fun – see a few photos below.

Two women smile and talk to eachother while holding a baby

Man smiles and looks to the left while holding a drink

Group of people stand around and chat in the brewery

Dean Boise talking to two people animatedly

Three alumni smile at the camera

A group of seven alumni smile at the camera together

Melissa Cassidy smiles and chats to an alum

Two alumni smiling in conversation, one holding a wine glass

Woman smiles and talks to someone while holding a wine glass

Woman smiles at the camera while holding her baby in front of foosball tables

Two men smiling and talking to each other

Man smiles and talks to another man while holding a wine glass

Two alumni smile at the camera

Sign of Mile High City text in the brewery

Five alumni talk outside in a circle outside of the Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Women smiles talking to other alumni in a group.

Three men stand in front of a pool table and smile at the camera

Dean Boise talks to a group of people

Group of alumni hold drinks and chat animatedly in a circle

Group of three men cheers with their drinks and smile