Beyond the Classroom: Syracuse Law Students Thrive in Unique Fall Residency Experiences

This fall, students experienced the world of law through unrivaled residencies that offered valuable insights from alumni practitioners and foremost authorities across various legal subjects.

During the Asset Finance Residency in NYC, students stop to take photos in front of the JetBlue sign at the JetBlue headquarters in Queens, N.Y.

Legal Foundations Residency

The Legal Foundations Residency is the inaugural step for students in the Online JDinteractive Program as they embark on their law school journey.

During this pivotal course, this year’s incoming class accomplished several essential milestones such as deepening their understanding of the structure of the U.S. legal system and the vital roles played by government branches in shaping and interpreting laws, discovering how articles of the Constitution empower government branches, exploring the structure of the U.S. court system, and more.

Residency students also attended Convocation at Syracuse Law, where Zabrina Jenkins G’97, L’00, former General Counsel for Starbucks, delivered the keynote address. To kick off their arrival, the Dean’s Dinner gave the students a valuable opportunity to network with faculty, staff, and classmates.

Students enjoyed their time in Syracuse outside the classroom, engaging in various activities. Campus tours provided a glimpse of the educational environment, while lunch at the world-renowned Dinosaur Bar-B-Que added a flavorful touch to their experience. Students also had an opportunity to network with high-profile alumni through a visit to the federal courthouse. They later gathered at the Skaneateles Country Club to connect with classmates, fostering a sense of community from the outset of their legal education journey.

Trailblazing General Counsel Residency

With guest speakers who are titans in their respective fields, including Fortune 500 C-Suite executives, Fortune 1000 general counsel, chief compliance officers, and key advisors, through the “Trailblazing General Counsel” residency, students were exposed to diverse perspectives and professional backgrounds and explored the captivating work of in-house counsel and corporate governance. It was an incredible opportunity for them to network with these alumni and practitioners, creating connections that offer valuable insights into the legal world and may open doors for them in their future careers.

Throughout the course, students stepped into the roles of attorneys. They worked closely with General Counsel to make crucial decisions in the face of limited information, an experience that sharpened their skills in a real-world setting.

The residency covered an array of topics, including public company and corporate governance legal requirements, navigating intricate global frameworks, understanding the dynamics between CEOs, boards of directors, and significant shareholders, transformative transactions, compliance, and risk management, significant litigation, government investigations, business conduct, crisis management, and the use of AI in legal practice.

This course wasn’t just for those aiming for in-house careers. It provided vital knowledge for students interested in law firms, governmental roles, or those seeking a better grasp of in-house counsel operations.

Whether on the plaintiffs’ side, in government roles, or representing corporate interests, our students emerged from the week equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricate world of in-house counsel and corporate governance.

International Human Rights Residency

Our Online JDinteractive Program’s in-person “Select Topics in International Human Rights” Residency took students on a captivating journey into the world of international human rights law.

To begin, students discussed human rights law within the context of a case study on the death penalty, allowing examination of international human rights law from practical and theoretical perspectives.

This course was designed to provide students with a well-informed, critical perspective on international instruments, intergovernmental organizations, and domestic legal arrangements that articulate and implement human rights.

Topics covered the historic origins of modern human rights law, the interconnectedness of civil, political, social, and economic rights, the relationships between human rights law, international criminal law, and the international law of armed conflict, the significance of soft law, and cutting-edge human rights issues.

Student readings and discussions revolved around three central questions:

  1. What exactly constitutes human rights law?
  2. To what extent does a system of international human rights law exist?
  3. How does human rights law change over time?

This residency was a transformative experience, providing our students with the tools to analyze, discuss, and shape the future of human rights on a global scale.

NYC Asset Finance Residency

This semester, Syracuse Law students had the chance to attend the Online JDinteractive Program’s in-person Asset Finance Residency in the heart of New York City hosted in the offices of Holland & Knight LLP.

Throughout the four-day, 25-hour course, they delved deep into the intricate world of advising clients on financing transactions and how to best represent their interests. The course was led by Richard Furey L’94, a distinguished alumnus and New York-based attorney whose career focuses on international and United States domestic asset and infrastructure finance, particularly in the aviation and maritime sectors. Richard regularly represents asset owners, lessors, lenders, and investors in financing and related transactions.

In addition to classroom experiences, students had the unique opportunity to visit JetBlue headquarters in Queens, further enriching their understanding of asset finance in the aviation sector.

The curriculum covered asset finance, including major asset classes like aircraft, ships, rail cars, and motor vehicles, and explored fundamental financing structures.

Students also delved into the complex world of regulations, treaties, tax matters, insurance, and bankruptcy issues, all related to asset finance. It was a holistic approach to understanding the field.

Expanding Residency Opportunities for Residential Students

Now, J.D. Residential students may choose to participate in upper-division “advanced legal topic” residency courses alongside their peers in the online JDinteractive program. Learn more on our website.