College of Law Recognized for Bar Passage Rates by preLaw Magazine

Syracuse University College of Law was recently ranked #8 for Ultimate Bar Passage and #27 for first-time bar test takers by preLaw Magazine in the Winter 2024 edition of the magazine.

The Ultimate Bar Passage ranking is taken from 2017-2019 data and the first-time bar test takers data is from 2015-2019. The data was compiled by Jeffrey Kinsler in his article “Ultimate Bar Passage: Which Law Schools are Overperforming and Underperforming Expectations.”

“The College of Law places an emphasis from day one on being prepared for the bar exam,” says Kelly Curtis, Associate Dean of Academic and Bar Success. “We offer academic support in multiple formats throughout their time at the College and a targeted set of interventions in their final year leading up to the bar exam.”

Details on Academic and Bar Success can be found here.