College of Law Students Attend American Branch of the International Law Association’s International Law Week 2023

Twenty College of Law J.D., LL.M., and exchange students along with International Law Society faculty advisor Professor Cora True-Frost G’01, L’01 attended International Law Week 2023 in New York City. International Law Week is held by the American Branch of the International Law Society (ABILA).

In addition, Ludmilla Evelin LL.M.’23 participated as a Student Ambassador. She was selected to be an Ambassador by ABILA through a nomination process and serves for one academic year assisting with the work of the ABILA and at International Law Week.

The College of Law students took advantage of the extensive programming at International Law Week along with opportunities to network with other law students, professors, lawyers, foreign officials, and more.

“By following the ILW leaders’ goals, the conference allowed me to think about how global leaders, lawyers, and legal experts can use their creativity to tackle today’s complex issues. This includes exploring how international law connects with other areas like social movements, trade, domestic law, diplomacy, and global initiatives for peace and equality. It is about looking beyond international law,” says Evelin.