First Generation Law Student Association (FGLSA) Provides Support to Students

2L Erica Glastetter created the First Generation Law Students Association in the fall of 2021, connecting with her other first-generation classmates to develop a network of mentors and prepare for the demands of the law school experience. As reported by the Daily Orange, FGLSA collaborates with the admissions office at the College of Law to connect with applicants who identify as first-generation law students. Around 60 mentors and mentees participated in the program this year, including 2L Caroline Synakowski, FGLSA’s treasurer.

“Imposter syndrome is a very real issue for law students and especially first-generation law students,” Synakowski said. “Knowing that I am surrounded by people with similar backgrounds and life experiences is a truly encouraging thing to have.”

FGLSA works with the College of Law’s JDinteractive program, along with similar groups at schools like Yale University and Seton Hall University. Voted the 2021-22 Student Organization of the Year by the Student Bar Association, the group is growing in both size and reach, recently announcing a new scholarship that will help pay for an SU first-generation law student’s education.

“We just formed this built-in support system,” Glastetter said. “If you’re struggling with something, we’re there to give you advice or tell you what not to do, because we learned the hard way by doing it ourselves.”