Lawyers in Love: Adam Shoshtari and Marlana (Shaw-Brown) Shoshtari

A couple poses together at Disney

As law school graduation loomed on the horizon, the prospect of Marlana Shaw-Brown G’17, L’17 moving across the country filled Adam Shoshtari L’17 with a sense of dread. That was until he realized that his classmate and best friend, Marlana, was the one for him.

Their story began in their 1L year when a mutual friend introduced the two at a Black Law Student Association (BLSA) meeting. From that moment on, they were inseparable—but just friends. They shared weekend getaways to Skaneateles, enjoyed countless dinners with friends, and spent many late nights poring over law books together. With graduation only a few short weeks away, Adam was faced with the very real possibility of losing his best friend. After graduation, he was headed to D.C. and Marlana across the country to Los Angeles. As Adam recounts, “I was falling in love with my best friend and could not imagine life without her.”

For Marlana, the seeds of legal ambitions were sown young. Nestled by her grandmother’s side, evenings spent enthralled by the TV show Matlock sparked a six-year-old’s declaration: “I want to be a lawyer!” With laser focus, she pursued her dream, beginning by enrolling in the Legal Studies Academy at Virginia’s First Colonial High School. However, the new experiences brought a shift in Marlana’s focus and Matlock’s courtroom drama gave way to the allure of entertainment law. For Marlana, her experiences at Syracuse Law led to positions at the Food Network and Netflix, ultimately leading her to NBCUniversal, where she now works in Legal Affairs counseling on all legal matters concerning the development, production, and delivery of scripted materials.

Adam’s journey was driven by a different yet equally powerful force: a passion for advocacy and writing. Though a career blending these skills with his love for technology never crossed his mind, fate had other plans. Through an opportunity to participate in Syracuse Law’s D.C. summer externship program, Adam was able to merge his love of advocacy and technology by externing with the Electronic Discovery Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to emerging issues in law and technology. That opportunity led to his current role as an Associate for Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s Complex Litigation Strategic Counseling practice group.

Following graduation, Marlana and Adam spent the first few years of their relationship long-distance, only seeing each other every few months, but bonded by the friendship and foundation they built at Syracuse Law.

After three years of dating and with their dream careers in full swing, Adam was afforded the opportunity to join Shook’s Los Angeles office to be closer to Marlana and they were married soon after. So, what’s it like being married to a fellow lawyer? As Adam puts it “As lawyers, we love to argue our side of the case, so it’s about constantly reminding oneself that (most of the time), your wife is correct.”

Marlana and Adam’s story is one of passion, dedication, and a little bit of Syracuse magic. Their time at law school not only ignited their individual dreams but also brought them together, creating a love story as remarkable as their careers. As they continue to climb the ladder of success, one thing is certain: their journey began at Syracuse Law, and the memories and lessons learned there will forever hold a special place in their hearts.