Marisol Estrada Cruz L’23 Recognized with an AALS Pro Bono Honor Roll Award

Marisol Estrada Cruz L’23 is a recipient of the 2nd Annual American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Pro Bono Honor Roll Award. Cruz completed 624 hours of pro bono work for the Volunteer Lawyers Project of CNY, Hiscock Legal Aid Society, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia during her three years at the College of Law. In addition, she received one of three Outstanding Pro Bono Service Awards for the Class of 2023.

The College of Law’s Pro Program, led by Dafni S. Kiritsis, Director of Externships & Career Services, is an optional graduation recognition program that recognizes law students who perform 50 or more hours of qualifying pro bono work before graduation. The College of Law collaborates with local attorneys who perform public interest work to provide professional engagement opportunities to students and to serve the community. 

The AALS Pro Bono Honor Roll acknowledges and highlights the pro bono work of individuals engaging in, expanding, and/or supporting their law school community in providing pro bono legal services. For the purposes of this award, pro bono is defined as work that is primarily legal in nature, supervised by a licensed attorney (for law students), not for pay or academic credit, and of service to underserved individuals, groups, or those with barriers to access to justice.