Professor David Driesen on Trump Verdict: “This Was a Fair Trial”

Professor David Driesen provided commentary to Newsweek’s coverage of Donald Trump’s hometown newspaper’s editorial on the unanimous verdict in the hush money trial.  The Palm Beach Post’s editorial read in part “Defendant Donald Trump is now a ‘convicted felon.’ He becomes the first former president and presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee to earn that historic but ignoble label. He now has a criminal record, a damning complication for any candidate seeking political office, much less the presidency of the United States.”

Driesen said the unanimous verdict reached by independent citizens does not in any way implicate Judge Juan Merchan or the prosecution.

“This was a fair trial,” Driesen said. “Trump’s baseless attacks on prosecutors and judges are scandalous and the willingness of many Republican politicians to back up his nonsense dangerous and despicable.”