Professor Greg Germain on Trump Gag Order: “He Could Face Direct Criminal Contempt”

Professor Greg Germain recently spoke with Newsweek about the gag order issued to Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

Germain said, “apart from making comments outside of court, Trump could face ‘direct criminal contempt’ proceedings while appearing in person at the Daniels trial.”

“If Trump did not control himself in court, for example, if he insulted the judge in court, the judge could hold him in direct contempt and put him in jail for a few days or something like that,” said Germain.

Germain added that, in addition to direct and indirect criminal contempt of court, Trump could also face civil contempt proceedings.

“Civil contempt is to force future compliance with an order. If Trump was ordered to do something, like turn over his passport or testify, and refused, he could be put in jail until he agreed to comply,” he said.