Professor Gregory Germain Discusses Trump Criminal Trial Developments with the Media

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Professor Gregory Germain recently spoke with several media outlets about the Trump criminal trial and the guilty verdict.

After conviction, Trump questioned the New York statute of limitations. Here are the facts

USA Today, June 5

Germain said he wondered whether the statute of limitations might apply to the underlying – and uncharged – crimes that made falsifying business records a felony.

“I could imagine a court saying that you can’t put together two or three” misdemeanors that are beyond the statute of limitations and turn them into a felony that hasn’t reached that time limit, he said.

Legal Face-Off

WGN 720, June 5

“It’s such a complex, convoluted case I think he has good grounds for appeal which is not to say I think what he did here was moral or ethical…but whether he broke the law in a way that isn’t barred by the statute of limitations, its very hard to find that,” says Germain.

When asked about the possibility of the case going to the U.S. Supreme Court, Germain said “I think if the judge sentences him to prison, it might get to the Supreme Court. Imprisoning one of the major candidates during an election raises difficult questions.”

Germain’s interview starts at the 1-minute mark.

Donald Trump Prison Sentence Would Create Constitutional Chaos: Experts

Newsweek, June 6

“I don’t think Trump will be given a prison sentence, because that would create a constitutional crisis and a slew of appeals and habeas corpus challenges, and a mess for the judicial system in trying to deal with prisoner Trump,” he said.