Professor Gregory Germain Provides Legal Insight as Trump’s Lawyer Begins Closing Arguments in Hush Money Trial

To arrange an interview with Professor Germain, please email Rob Conrad, College of Law Director of Communications and Media Relations.

In this Mirror story, Professor Gregory Germain comments that “So, even though only one juror is necessary for Trump to obtain a mistrial, and even though it’s a very flawed case, I predict that the jury will convict him.” Despite this, the professor did highlight possible flaws in the prosecution’s case.

He said: “I think the DA and the Judge are fully invested in obtaining a conviction. I think the judge will gloss over the legal issues in the jury instructions to allow a conviction by defining the legal issue around the propriety of paying hush money rather than the legality of paying hush money and how that relates to the documents charges.”

Professor Germain also spoke with Al Jazeera Network, pointing to “the two essential elements” of the indictment: “Where’s the fraud and where’s the [secondary] crime?”