Professor Lauryn Gouldin Discusses Hunter Bident Felony Gun Charges

Professor Lauryn Gouldin recently spoke with KNX Radio (Los Angeles, CA) on the federal charges against Hunter Biden. He faces two false statement changes and a possession charge in violation of a federal statute that forbids drug users or people with addiction from possessing firearms.

“One of the things that make this an easy case for prosecutors is that there is a signed form that they want to use to prosecute him. When I think of the strategies for the defense, I see that Biden’s defense attorneys seem to be raising questions about who had actually filled out the form in question. I am not sure where that will go,” says Gouldin. “Some of it may turn on what it means under the statute to be an addict or user so there may be some effort to argue that he didn’t know that he would fit those definitions. His memoir and text messages are part of the prosecution’s case against him. I think it’s an uphill battle for the defense.”

Listen to Professor Gouldin’s interview.