Professor Lauryn Gouldin Discusses New York State Bail Reform on WCNY’s Connect NY

Crandall Melvin Professor of Law Lauryn Gouldin discussed the status and future of bail reform in New York on WCNY’s Connect NY program.

In response to a question about trying to gauge, not just what is happening but why things are happening the way they are in New York State, Gouldin says “I think the biggest thing, picking up on the point about recidivism is when we talk about bail reform, I think we don’t focus enough on the fact that pretrial detention leads to recidivism. There is study after study that demonstrates that detaining people before trial is not a public safety gain overall. We have long-term negative public safety impacts from detaining people before trial. So I applaud the fact that the reforms included more data collection. I think we need to do a lot more data analysis. Trying to figure out what causes crime to go down, or what, you know, led to this example of recidivism or that is really complicated so the more data that we have, the better. But I don’t– I think it’s been very hard to sort of dig through pretty fraught political conversation and actually get to the real facts and try to analyze what is actually going on.”

She was joined on the panel by Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick L’76, First Assistant Public Defender for Monroe County and College of Law Adjunct Professor Erik Teifke, and Albany Times Union reporter Josh Solomon.