Professor Lauryn Gouldin Discusses the Hunter Biden Ruling and Rahimi SCOTUS Ruling with the Washington Examiner and Law 360

Professor Lauryn Gouldin recently spoke with the Washington Examiner concerning the recent Supreme Court of the U.S. ruling in United States v. Rahimi and its potential impact on an appeal in the Hunter Biden Federal gun case.

Gouldin said the Supreme Court repeatedly noted that Rahimi had notice and process for being subject to a domestic violence protective order, whereas Biden did not.

“You don’t have any of that notice or process that attaches for Biden’s case. That is a lot of what his defense team was challenging before the trial and at the trial.”

Gouldin also spoke with Law 360 on the cases (may be behind paywall.) Here, she says a review of the drug addiction cases will also require a “completely different” historical analysis given that opium and other drugs were not illegal when the Second Amendment was enacted.