Professor Nina Kohn Discusses the Michael Oher Conservatorship with KRIV-TV in Houston

In response to the Michael Oher conservatorship lawsuit filed earlier this week, Professor Nina Kohn spoke live with KRIV-TV in Houston, TX. She discussed what a conservatorship is, pros and cons, the possibility of abuse, and more.

When asked about different types of conservatorships, Kohn says, “there are two major varieties here. There are appointments that are designed to create somebody who can make personal decisions for the individual, things like healthcare or where they live. And then there’s an appointment over finances. Either of these can either be broad. Sometimes we call that plenary, granting all the powers available under state law. Or they can be limited. They can be tailored to the specific person’s needs. The reality is probably every or almost every conservatorship in the United States should be limited if one is going to be imposed because most people can make a decision about something, even if it’s just about what to eat or what to wear. Unfortunately, most conservatorships in this country are plenary.”