Professor Nina Kohn on the Michael Oher Conservatorship Lawsuit: “If the allegations in there are true, they suggest a series of failures.”

Professor Nina Kohn spoke with USA Today for an explainer story on the Michael Oher “Blind Side” film lawsuit that questions the conservatorship he was placed under.

Kohn discusses what a conservatorship is, what information was used to justify Oher’s conservatorship, and the financial agreement made for the making of the film based on his life story, among other topics.

One concern noted by Kohn was that in the 19 years of the conservatorship, the petition alleges there have been no accountings filed in reference to payments Oher may have received.

“That suggests the court has been asleep at the wheel,” Kohn said. She added: “If in fact, there had been no accountings provided, that is damning and not just on the conservators, but the court system.”