Professor Nina Kohn to Speak at Department of Justice Elder Justice Decision-Making Capacity Symposium

Professor Nina Kohn will speak about the “Impact of Questioning an Older Adult’s Decision-Making Capacity: Maximizing Self-Determination, Minimizing Harm” in a virtual Elder Justice Decision Making Capacity Symposium hosted by the Department of Justice from April 19 – 21. Kohn’s talk will take place from 4:05 p.m. – 4:50 p.m. on the first day of the three-day symposium.

Criminal and civil justice systems tend to make mistaken assumptions about older adults’ capacity to make decisions for themselves. This can negatively impact the lives of aging adults and can have profound implications on their treatment in criminal and civil proceedings. 

In this symposium, attendees will learn about protocols and tools available to discuss the decision-making capacity of elder adults via expert panels and discussions. Additional topics will include: 

  • Advances in the aging brain research and its relevance for decision making
  • The role of clinicians in conducting forensic decision-making capacity assessments with older adults
  • The impact of questioning an older adult’s decision-making capacity

Uncover the latest science in elder care, as well as best clinical, legal, and judicial practices to increase access to both justice and self-determination in older adults.