Syracuse Law Introduces Certificate of Advanced Study in National Security and Counterterrorism Law for JDinteractive Students

The Syracuse University College of Law is proud to announce that the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in National Security and Counterterrorism Law is now available to students enrolled in the hybrid/online JDinteractive program.  Administered through the Institute for Security Policy and Law (SPL), this innovative program offers an interdisciplinary approach to critical issues in national security, counterterrorism, and related fields. 

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The CAS in National Security and Counterterrorism Law offers numerous benefits to students interested in pursuing careers in national security and counterterrorism. The interdisciplinary curriculum spans multiple disciplines, equipping students with the skills to determine applicable legal rules, locate and evaluate research materials specific to national security, and solve security problems requiring cross-disciplinary solutions. The program covers a broad range of subjects, including:

  • National Security: Federal law, international law, operational law, geopolitics, foreign policy, defense strategy, humanitarian interventions, and emerging technologies.
  • Counterterrorism: Legal definitions of terrorism, intelligence collection, surveillance, privacy, prosecution of terrorists, and countering violent extremism.
  • Homeland Security: Civil-military relations, emergency management, disaster response, and immigration law.
  • Cybersecurity: Legal, policy, and technical aspects of cybersecurity, cyber espionage, computer crimes, countering cyber threats, critical infrastructure, and artificial intelligence.
  • Humanitarian Law: International law, human rights law, laws of war, refugee law, postconflict reconstruction, special courts, and alternative justice.

Professor Shannon Gardner, associate dean of online education, says “This certificate program underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and flexible legal education to our JDinteractive students. It equips them with specialized knowledge and skills essential for careers in national security and counterterrorism along with an advanced credential that gives them an advantage in this job market. Syracuse Law continues to lead the way in online legal education, preparing students for the demands of 21st-century lawyering.”

For more information on the Certificate of Advanced Study in National Security and Counterterrorism Law, please visit the SPL website.