Three Syracuse Law S.J.D. Candidates Present at the Washington University School of Law J.S.D. Symposium

Three College of Law S.J.D. candidates presented their theses to peer S.J.D. students from law schools from around the country. The “J.S.D. Symposium: The Next Generation of Scholarship” was hosted by the Washington University School of Law’s Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute.

The College of Law’s participants were:

Clarisse De La Cerda (Brazil) on “Enforcement of Invalid Patents and Antitrust Liability.” Her advisor is Professor Shubha Ghosh.

Karla Lellis LL.M.’21 (Brazil) on “Cybersecurity Class Actions in the Protection of Human Rights.” Her advisor is Professor Antonio Gidi.

Mercy Renci Xie LL.M.’20 (China) on “Non-Compliant but Effective Implementation of International Human Rights Treaties: A Case from China in Protecting Persons with Disabilities’ Right to Education.” Her advisor is Professor Arlene Kanter.

“Our S.J.D. students are a welcome addition to the intellectual life of the College of Law. Their participation at the S.J.D. conference increased their professional networks as well as brought national attention to Syracuse Law and our S.J.D. program,” says Professor Arlene Kanter, founder and faculty director of the S.J.D. program.

S.J.D. candidates submitted an abstract of their working thesis to the Symposium committee. The Symposium featured 20 S.J.D. students from 10 law schools. Each student presented for 20 minutes and then answered questions from other participants in a moderated discussion for 10 minutes.

“This was a good model to interact with fellow S.J.D. students and professors to receive feedback and insights you might not have come across on your own. The built-in breakout sessions allowed for further discussion and networking,” says Lellis. “Working on your dissertation, mostly on your own or with only a few other students, is very tough. It was good to meet other students who are experiencing similar things. This group is committed to staying in touch and helping each other achieve their goals.”

The S.J.D. program welcomed its first cohort of students in the Fall of 2021 and currently has seven students pursuing this advanced degree.