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Step into the world of the Family Law and Social Policy, where you’ll develop expertise in legal advocacy for families and children. Explore the intricate threads of law that weave through our most personal relationships and societal structures, discovering how to navigate them with empathy and understanding. With tailored requirements, you can uncover your passions and shape your path towards providing holistic legal representation in the dynamic areas of family law, wills and trusts, domestic violence, elder law, and other legal issues affecting children and families.

Joint Degree

J.D./Master of Social Work

The J.D./Master of Social Work is offered through the Falk College’s School of Social Work. The social work program is based on the concept of “ecological systems,” which holds that the fundamental focus of social work practice is on the transactions of people and their environments. Students with a joint law and social work degree are trained to advocate for their clients and to have a keen understanding of the psychological, social, and legal perspectives of their challenges.

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