The Housing Clinic operates in partnership with Legal Services of Central New York and the Legal Aid Society to provide representation to low-income tenants in eviction, housing conditions, and other rental housing-related matters. Students in the clinic, working under the supervision of clinic director Professor Gary Pieples, handle all aspects of clients’ cases, including interviewing and counseling, investigation, negotiation, pleading and motion practice, courtroom advocacy, and real estate procedure.

For Students

Students Can Expect

The Housing Clinic provides students with a comprehensive learning experience focused on New York State Real Estate Procedure, particularly in eviction and housing conditions cases, and a holistic understanding of rental housing practice. Students will actively participate in client interviewing and counseling, negotiate with landlords and their legal representatives, and represent clients in court proceedings.

Students Learn

  • Interviewing and Counseling
  • Negotiation
  • Investigation
  • Pleading and Motion Practice
  • Courtroom Advocacy
  • Real Estate Procedure

Credits & Requirements

1 Semester Clinic
6 credits
20-25 Hours per week time requirement
Pre-/or Co-Requisites: Professional Responsibility and Evidence


Gary Pieples
Director, Criminal Defense Clinic
Teaching Professor