Student Service Request Form

This form can be found at the link here. This is not a form in MySlice.

The Student Service Request form allows current Law students to provide the College of Law Registrar’s Office with requests for the following:

Student Status Changes – change academic course load, request a leave of absence, change graduation term, etc.

Academic Requests – add/drop courses outside of the MySlice registration period, audit a course, enroll in more than 17 credits for joint degree students, pass/fail request, exam variation request, request to take a non-law course, etc.

Letters – request letters of good standing or letters for enrollment verification, etc.

Bar Certification – current students will complete this request in their 3L year to provide information to the College of Law Registrar’s Office regarding where they are sitting for the bar exam

Academic Advising – students can request degree checks and ask questions regarding academic advising

Current students should make themselves familiar with this form as it will link them to assistance from the College of Law Registrar’s Office with many requests throughout their time at the College of Law.