SULAA Committees

All College of Law alumni are invited to join SULAA committees, which function to promote, foster, and encourage alumni to maintain personal involvement with the College of Law, its alumni, and students. Contact Adrienne Graves, Director of Alumni Relations, for more information about joining a SULAA committee.

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee develops specific, annual projects to engage current and future alumni. Projects are based on expressed needs from alumni and students (often as observed by the Office of Student Experience). Recent projects include the creation of the Inclusion Network, the Bar Mentoring Program, and the Bar Prep Care Package Program.

Giving Committee

The Giving Committee promotes a culture of giving among COL alumni. Committee members design programs to support existing giving campaigns, including Boost the Cuse and the annual Class Act gift. The committee also highlights regular opportunities to give, such as during 1L Convocation, Commencement, and at the fiscal year-end.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee identifies demographic gaps in SULAA Board membership, and recruits and vets potential SULAA members before making membership recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board.

Reunion Committee

The Reunion Committee supports Law Reunion Weekend program development and communication strategy. Committee members act as class ambassadors to increase Law Reunion Weekend attendance among their own classmates and affinity groups by developing social media campaigns and using other communications strategies.

Syracuse Law Honors Committee

The Syracuse Law Honors Committee administers the process for the nomination and selection of worthy recipients, working with the College of Law administration and staff to prepare medalists’ written citations, plan and stage the awards ceremony, and assist in the conferring of the award.