Innovation Law Center: College of Law and Whitman School Launch New Certificate of Advanced Study 

College of Law and Martin J. Whitman School of Management Team to Launch New Graduate Level Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Technology Law & Entrepreneurship

The College of Law and Martin J. Whitman School of Management (Whitman) have launched a new Certificate of Advanced Study in Technology Law & Entrepreneurship (CASTLE). This program leverages areas of strength at each of the schools that equip students with an advanced, marketable designation as they seek careers at the intersection of law, business management, and technology.

The CASTLE curriculum consists of a minimum of 12 credits, including a foundational course in entrepreneurship offered at Whitman and an applied capstone course offered at the College of Law through its Innovation Law Center (ILC). The ILC offers a unique, interdisciplinary experiential learning program for students interested in the commercial development of new technologies. It is also the designated New York State Science & Law Technology Center by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology, and Innovation (NYSTAR). Under the leadership of Director Brian Gerling L’99, ILC students and faculty provide research, information, and advisory and support services to the more than 30 universities and research centers in New York State supported by NYSTAR as well as New York State entrepreneurs and companies with new technologies.

Brian Gerling
Brian Gerling

Students enrolled in CASTLE can choose from courses in the areas of intellectual property, patents, venture capital, and start-up advising, among others. CASTLE is open to graduate and law students enrolled at Syracuse University, State University of New York (SUNY) Environmental Science and Forestry, and SUNY Upstate Medical College.

“The College of Law’s Innovation Law Center has a 20-plus-year track record of preparing law students to drive growth in tech-related industries, including emerging medical, pharmaceutical, robotics, computing, and manufacturing technologies, by combining real-world practical experience and academics, including courses at Whitman. CASTLE formalizes this interdisciplinary approach with an advanced credential that employers will immediately recognize as a value-add in candidates,” says Dean Craig Boise.

Whitman School Interim Dean Alexander McKelvie says “We are delighted to be able to launch this new program with the College of Law. We have a long history of working collaboratively and this new program formalizes our joint work in support of technology entrepreneurs and innovators. This new program is a major benefit to students as they learn both business and legal skills, like how to do market sizing, competitive analyses, and commercialization, as well as intellectual property law and how to do patent searches.”

Gerling notes “when I graduated from the College of Law almost 20 years ago, students could earn a certificate from the program. Over the course of time, that certificate phased out but the relationship with Whitman never wavered. When I came back to the College as the executive director of the ILC, it was a priority of mine to bring back a formal relationship with Whitman to benefit students from both Colleges.”

Current Law students are excited about the CASTLE and are showing interest in attaining the advanced credential.

Michael Ortizo 2L, a summer intern at the ILC, says, “law can only teach you so much. There are other disciplines that can help you be a better lawyer. The certificate with Whitman will bring other skills to those interested in tech law.”

“I am interested in the CASTLE program for the opportunity it provides to apply the skills I learn in the classroom while working alongside fellow students and experienced professors to assist entrepreneurs to commercialize their new technologies. I believe that the CASTLE program will provide me with unique experiences to distinguish myself from other applicants during my search for a job following graduation,” says Patrick Cramer 2L

Fall ’21 – Spring ’22 ILC Clients

Electric Visionary Aircrafts Inc.

Endeavos Innovations Inc.

Fronhofer Design LLC

Golden Artist Colors Inc

Hydronic Shell Technologies


Levelle Inc.




Reinitzer Technologies




VPG Medical, Inc.

Wolf Medical Supply