Library Guidelines

As lawyers in training, law students are expected to maintain the ethical standards established for the profession in all facets of their legal studies, including use of the Law Library. In addition to behaving in a courteous and responsible manner while in the library, students are reminded of their duty to safeguard library materials which have been checked out to them, and to ensure their timely return.

These guidelines have been established to protect the library’s collections as well as the rights and privileges of its patrons. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Law Library Noise Policy

The second floor of the Law Library is designated the silent floor.  Projects that require consultation with a colleague, should not be pursued on the second floor.  The exception to this rule are the group study rooms.

The first floor of the Law Library is not designated as a silent study area, however, loud conversations should not be held there.  Hushed consultations are permitted on the first floor, but extended conversations should be held elsewhere, such as in a group study room or outside the library in the Atrium. 

General Guidelines/Other Policies

Beverages are permitted only in non-disposable sports bottles or commuter cups with permanent lids. Beverages should not be consumed near library computers. Violators will be asked to remove offending materials from the library; names of repeat violators will be sent to the Judicial Board for review.

Users are reminded of their responsibility to treat library materials with respect and care. Theft, defacement, and vandalism of library property is a violation of the College of Law Judicial Code, and formal measures will be taken against violators. If you discover that library property has been defaced or stolen, please bring the matter to the attention of the library staff.

We ask that all library users comport themselves according to standards of professional courtesy. Disruptive and abusive behavior, disregard for the authority of the library staff, or continued violation of library rules and/or policies may result in the suspension of the user’s library privileges. Following the imposition of this sanction, an administrative review by the Faculty Library Committee may be requested. A more formal investigation of possible Judicial Code violations may also be sought.

The Law Library assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of personal property . Please guard your personal belongings, especially laptop computers, while in the library.

Circulation services, computer workstations and printers, and other services are available until fifteen minutes before closing. Materials may not be checked out after this time. Emergencies, suspicious persons, evidence of vandalism or theft of library property, and missing personal property should be reported to the library staff immediately.