Forever Orange & Class Act Updates

Forever Orange Alumni Engagement Report: College of Law Continues to Lead Syracuse University in Alumni Engagement

Strong financial giving results from having engaged alumni, who continue to give back to the College not only financially, but also through mentoring students, lecturing and teaching courses, judging competitions, serving on advisory boards and committees, and participating in other programming.

So important is engagement that one of the three goals of SU’s current fundraising campaign—Forever Orange—is to increase the engagement of our alumni, and SU central advancement tracks this measure closely.

Among all 12 SU schools and colleges, the College of Law has the highest rate of alumni engagement by a significant margin. We also have the highest alumni giving participation each year, and the highest alumni participation in the Forever Orange campaign.

Thank you for all you do for our students and the College of Law!

Student Philanthropy Shines at Syracuse Law

Since 2016, the College of Law’s student philanthropic campaign, known as Class Act!, has helped set the standard for student philanthropy success for other schools and colleges at Syracuse University. We are extremely proud of the efforts of the Class of 2023.

The J.D. Class of 2023 achieved 63% participation in the campaign, thanks to a committee led by Class of 2023 President Ryan Ockenden L’23. As part of this effort, JDinteractive students—led by Meghan Steenburgh L’23 and Jonathan “Dusty” Burgess L’23—raised scholarship funds from their graduating class in memory of classmate John Goerner, who tragically died from pancreatic cancer in March 2021.

Last but certainly not least, the LL.M. Class of 2023 achieved an all-time record-breaking participation rate of 100%! Congratulations to the class, and especially to campaign leaders Ludmilla Evelin De Faria Sant’ana Cardoso LL.M.’23 and Chiebuka “Christie” Okezie LL.M.’23.

Many thanks to all of our student leaders and to each student who supported the 2023 campaign. For 2024, Syracuse University’s Class Act! has been rebranded as the Class of 2024 Giving Campaign. Stay tuned for another year of successful student philanthropy at Syracuse Law.