Syracuse is known nationwide for its advocacy skills training …

Recognized by the American College of Trial Lawyers and U.S. News & World Report, Syracuse Law’s Advocacy Program has been repeatedly honored as the state’s best trial-skills law school by the New York State Bar Association.

Syracuse students have many opportunities to develop and hone their advocacy skills—not only in class but also in intra- and inter-collegiate competitions. While many competitions require students to be physically present where the competition is held, Syracuse is building upon its online education expertise by developing virtual competition opportunities. These opportunities allow students around the world to participate in select competitions. 

Syracuse and its alumni have deep pride in our student advocates, who routinely win major awards in regional, national, and international tournaments.

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SYRACUSE, NY, October 28, 2021 – The 10th Annual Bond, Schoeneck & King Alternative Dispute Resolution competition was held at the Syracuse University College of Law Thursday night. Competitors on one side of the table negotiating a mock divorce settlement included Jamie McLennan and Hailey Pooler (winners) against Lyndon Hall and Bradley Ace. Final round judges were Brian Butler L ’96, Hon. Bernadette Romano Clark L ’89 and Hon. Anthony Paris L ’73. (Photo by Mike Roy)