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The College of Law’s photo archive is a fascinating visual history of your alma mater, full of nostalgia, anecdotes—and a few mysteries. That is, some of our prints and slides lack information or captions.

That’s where you come in. In this feature, we challenge you to help us recall the people and scenes in our mystery photos.

For our new mystery, we head “across the pond” to Law in London in 1993. Although we know the year this group photo was taken, we’d like to caption as many names as possible (including the student who appears to have gone shopping locally for an English cricket sweater!)

If you know any of the students pictured, please email Lisa Ladew at llledew@syr.edu, and we’ll publish what we discover in a future issue.

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Mysteries (Mostly) Solved!

Many thanks to Francis R. Rivette L’77 and Helen Zamboni L’77 for helping us with the mystery photo published in the 2021 Stories Book

Writes Rivette, “The photo was brought to my attention by Helen Zamboni. I think I am the person with my back to the photo, with my then roommate Mike Rosh L’77 and [now the Hon.] John Nesbitt L’77 to the right of the photo, looking sideways. No guarantee!”

Our Back Pages Photo 2021

The 2021 Yearbook mystery was solved by Alphonso A. Collins L’95, who wrote to us via Instagram, identifying this group as (L to R) Youn J.L. OhBrett S. DirectorKyle S. Kotake, and Jennifer M. Lee.

And thank you also Jay Brown L’95, who confirmed that “those students are definitely class of 1995,” and James V. Fazio L’95, who seconded that “the male student pictured with eyeglasses is Brett Director.”

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