Faculty Publications

Todd A. Berger

Professor of  Law

Director, Advocacy Programs

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Problematic Problems: The Case Against Mock Trial Problems Involving Racist Speech,94 Temp. L. Rev. Online 1 (2022).

Peter D. Blanck

University Professor

Chairman, Burton Blatt Institute

Book Chapters

Economic Inclusion and Empowerment of People with Disabilities (with F. Hyseni & N. Goodman), in Handbook of Disability (M.H. Rioux, J. Viera, A. Buettgen &
E. Zubrow eds.  2023). 

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Disability Reparations and the Modernization of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (with G. Klein, M. Morris & G. Nanette) 24 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Pol’y, 375 (2022).

Jennifer S. Breen

Associate Professor of Law

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Caring Work, Women’s Work, Essential Work: Reconsidering Comparable Worth as an Approach to Pay Equity for Care Workers,  43 Berkeley J. Emp. & Lab. L. 311 (2022).

Reports, News and Commentary 

Delegitimizing the Administrative State, nonsite.org (July 2, 2022). 

Right-Wing Supreme Court Imperils Democratic Self-Governance, Common Dreams (July 1, 2022).

Keith J. Bybee

Vice Dean

Paul E. and Honorable Joanne F. Alper ’72 Judiciary Studies Professor

Professor of Law

Professor of Political Science 

Director, Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media

Senior Research Associate, Campbell Public Affairs Institute

Book Chapters

Does the Constitution Protect the Right to Lie? in The U.S. Constitution in Five Minutes (Joseph L. Smith & David E. Klein eds., 2023).

David M. Driesen

University Professor

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

The Political Remedies Doctrine, 71 Emory L. J. 1 (2021).

Feasibility Analysis and the Climate Crisis, 39 Yale J. Reg. 533 (2022).

Appointment and Removal, 74 Admin. L. Rev. 422 (2022).

Making Appointment the Means of Presidential Removal of Officers of the United States, 26 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 315 (2022).

The Specter of Dictatorship: Judicial Enabling of Presidential Power: Special Issue, 73 Syr. L. Rev. 1419 (2022).

Other Reports, News and Commentary 

Guest Opinion, Williams, GOP Are Using Debt Ceiling as a Blackmail Tool: The Deficit Can Only Be Cut By Raising Taxes, Cutting Spending or Both, Syracuse Post Standard, Apr. 30, 2023, at F2.

Opinion, After the Jan. 6 Hearings, Washington Post, Dec. 28, 2022, at A18. 

Opinion, Jailing Trump Won’t Keep Him From Power – Exclusion Will, The Hill (Dec. 21, 2022).

How Will the Midterm Elections Affect Regulation? |Member Scholars and Staff Offer Expert Insights (with Allison Stevens, et al.), Ctr. for Progressive Reform Blog (Nov. 21, 2022).

Opinion, How the 14th Amendment Can Reinforce the Jan. 6 Committee’s Trump Subpoena, The Hill (Oct. 24, 2022).  

Unreal Politik, LAP Progressive (Jul. 24, 2022), Guest Opinion, The Supreme Court v. the Rule of Law: Reform the Court: Justices Violated Constitutional, Procedural Norms, Syracuse Post  Standard, Jul. 24, 2022, at E2.

Parading the Horribles in Administrative Law: Some Thoughts on the Oral Argument in West Virginia v. EPA, Ctr. for Progressive  Reform Blog (Mar. 8, 2022).

Shubha Ghosh

Crandall Melvin Professor of Law

Director, Syracuse Intellectual Property Law Institute

Book Chapters

Make Without Take, in Relevance of Duties in the Contemporary World (Raman Mittal & Kshitij Kuman Singh eds., 2022).

Ain’t It Just Software?, in Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence (Ryan Abbott ed., 2022).

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

A La Recherche De Breyer Perdu, 21 Univ. ILL. Chi. 

Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 38 (2022).

Time, Scarcity, and Abundance, 7 Frontiers in Res. Metrics and Analytics 1 (2022). 

Book Reviews  

A Tribute That Turns One Inside-Out, JOTWELL 

(Feb. 15, 2022) (reviewing Fei-Hsien Wang, Pirates and Publishers: A Social History of Copyright in Modern China (2019)).

Book Review, 10 IP L. Book Rev. 11 (2020) (reviewing Chris Sagers, United States v. Apple: Competition in America (2019)).

Antonio Gidi 

Teaching Professor

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Las Acciones Colectivas y el Arbitraje, 99 Pauta – Arbitraje y Medios Alternativos de Solución de Controversias 4 (2022).

Jack M. Graves

Teaching Professor

Reports, News and Commentary

Law and Crypto—An Oxymoron?, Syr. L. Mag. Y.B. 2022, at 5.  

Roy Gutterman  

Director, Tully Center for Free Speech

Associate Professor, Newhouse School of Public Communications

Professor of Law, College of Law (by courtesy appointment)

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Media Law (2020-2021 Survey of New York Law), 72 Syracuse L. Rev. 959 (2022).

Masking Free Speech: The First Amendment Implications of Masks, Clothing and Public Health, 53 Loy. U. Chi. L. J. 475 (2022).

New Voices, New Rights, New York:  A Case Study and a Call for Student Journalist Protections in New York, 83 Albany L. Rev. 1115 (2020).

Reports, News, and Commentary 

NY Court Agrees: You Have the Right to see Police Disciplinary Records, Syracuse Post-Standard, Feb. 3, 2023, Prince, Syracuse University Football and Justice Clarence Thomas, Syracuse Post-Standard,Oct. 21, 2022. 

Arlene S. Kanter

Laura J. & L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence 2005-2008

Professor of Law

Director, Disability Law and Policy Program

Faculty Director of International Programs

Professor of Disability Studies, School of Education (by courtesy appointment)

Book Chapters

Legal Protections Against Violence for Girls and Women with Disabilities in Kenya (with Everyln Milanoi Koiyiet), in Disability and Social Justice in Kenya: Scholars, Policymakers, and Activists in Conversation

(N. Berman, R Monteleone, eds., 2022). 

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Remote Work and the Future of Disability Accommodations, 107 Cornell L. R. 1927 (2022).

Nina A. Kohn

David M. Levy L’48 Professor of Law

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Malpractice Litigation in Elective Lumbar Spinal Fusion: a Comprehensive Review of Reported Legal Claims in the U.S. in the Past 50 Years (with Justin K. Zhang, et al), 22 Spine J. 1254 (2022).

Protective Orders & Limited Guardianships: Legal Tools for Sidelining Plenary Guardianship (with David A. English), 72 Syr. L. Rev. 225 (2022).

Teaching Law Online: A Guide for Faculty, 70 J. Legal Educ. 230 (2021).

Reports, News, and Commentary 

Voters Live Here: Understanding the Voting Rights and Needs of Long-Term Care Residents, Generations Today March-April 2023 (American Society on Aging) (Mar. 15, 2023).

Opinion, Modern Laws and Out-of-Court Solutions Can Advance Guardianship – Expert Views on Adult Guardianship (with Robert Dinerstein, Deborah Enix-Ross & Ellie Lanier), U.S.L.W. (Mar. 9, 2023).

Hospitals That Ditch Masks Risk Exposure (with Irina D. Manta), Bill of Health (Harvard Law Petrie-Flom Center, Feb. 20, 2023).

Kevin Noble Maillard

Professor of Law

Reports, News, and Commentary 

Native American Movement Grows, N.Y. Times, Aug. 31, 2022, at D7.  

Robin Paul Malloy

Ernest I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Law

Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Director, Center on Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism

Professor of Economics, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (by courtesy appointment)

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Adam Smith’s Market Jurisprudence: An Introduction to – Law and the Invisible Hand: A Theory of Adam Smith’s Jurisprudence, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 159 (2023).

Keli Perrin

Associate Teaching Professor

Managing Director, Institute for Security Policy and Law 

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Assessing Cyber Attacks on Local Electricity Markets Using Simulation Analysis: Impacts and Possible Mitigations (with Jason Dedrick, Ehsan Sabaghian, & Peter J. Wilcoxen), 34 Sustainable Energy, Grids & Networks 1 (2023).  

Mary Szto

Teaching Professor

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Barring Diversity? The American Bar Exam as Initiation Rite and Its Eugenics Origin, 21 Conn. Pub. Int. L.J. 38 (2022).

Dan Traficonte

Associate Professor of Law 


Patents Over Planning: Industrial Capital and Federal Innovation Policy (2021) (Ph.D. dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (ProQuest).

Law Review and Other Scholarly Articles

Collaboration in the Making: Innovation and the State in Advanced Manufacturing, 21 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 328 (2020).

A Flood-Not a Ripple-Of Harm: Proximate Cause Under the Fair Housing Act (with Justin Steil), 40 Cardozo L. Rev. 1237 (2019).

Reports, News and Commentary

Factories of the Future: Technology, Skills, and Digital Innovation at Large Manufacturing Firms (with Susan Helper, Elisabeth Reynolds & Anuraag Singh) (MIT Work of the Future Task Force, Research Brief No. 19, 2021).

Strengthening Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystems Before, During, and After COVID: Lessons from Massachusetts (with Elisabeth Reynolds & Anna Waldman-Brown) (MIT Work of the Future Task Force, Working Paper 11-2021, 2021).

Manufacturing in America: A View from the Field (with Suzanne Berger et al.) (MIT Work of the Future Task Force, Research Brief 16, 2020).

An Innovation Policy for the Green New Deal (with Ian Wells) (People’s Policy Project, Research Brief (2019).